updated 2015


The Group will be called Kemsley Community Angling & Preservation Society (referred to as "Society")

Aims of Society

The Aim of the Society is to develop a group in Swale to:

  • promote freshwater fishing as a positive activity;
  • to instruct young and novice anglers in good fishing practices;
  • to encourage respect of the environment;
  • raise personal aspirations through participation and competitive sport.

The Society will act as an informal meeting place for the community of all ages.

These aims will be achieved by supplying for the community, well stocked maintained and managed fishing lakes. The use of the lakes will be available on condition of reasonable conduct and being in possessin of a current Environment Agency Angling Licence.

The Society will have members who will enjoy benefits of Membership such as advice and coaching to improve their ability and enjoyment of the sport, discounts on tackle and bait and social events throughout the year.


The Society's Membership is open to all persons.

Subject to the above, and in pursuance of the provisions of equal opportunities, any individual will be entitled to join the Society irrespective of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, disablement, and sex. This equal opportunity policy will also relate to the appointment of staff relating to any current or future project (and inludes marital status and sexual orientation).

Each member and subsequent new member will be given a copy of the constitution upon joining and by joining agrees to abide by the terms of the Constitution.


Membership fees for the year (or part of pro-rata) 2015/2016 (1st May - 30th April) are:

Adult - £30.00

Under 17 - £5.00

Concession - £15.00

Day Ticket - £2.00 per rod

Night fishing (on back lake only) £10.00 + £2.00 per rod (24 hours)

The fess will be reviewd each year at the AGM.

Management Committee

The Society shall be run by a Management Committee elected, in whole or in part, by the community at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee should consist of the following representation:

- Chairperson

- Treasurer

- Secretary

(the above are also referred to as 'Officrs of the Society')

- Head Water Watcher

- Welfare and Child Protection Officer

The Management Committeee may appoint new posts at anytime. New posts will be fllled by nomination and majoriy agreement at any official group meeting.  Any casual vacancy occurring may be filled at a Managemnet Committee meeting to take effect from the date of the meeting.

The first retiring Society Chairperson shall, if they wish, become 'Honorary Life President of the Society'. If they decline then the honor may be offered to the next retiring chairperson.

Meeting of the Management Committee

Meetings will be held at agreed intervals throughaout the year, this requency shall be monthly for the first 12 months from the AGM and then reviewed.  A special meeting may be called at any time by the Chairperson or by any two Management Committee members upon seven days notice being given to all members of the matters to be discussed. Meetings may be attended by Officers, Management Committee, Members and invted guests if approved in advance by an officer. Invited guests do not have voting rights.

The elected Chairperson will chair each meeting. If the Chairperson is absent from a meeting for any reason, Members can choose between themselves a Chairperson for the meeting before any business is discussed.

Management Committee Members must declare any conflict of interest where there is a need to make a decision by way of vote. Every matter shall be determined by majority votes of members present provided there are no less than 4 Members attending the meeting. In case of equality of votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have a second or castng vote.

All membes shall be informed of all decisions.

Annual General Meeting

There shall be an Annual General Meeting held in the month of March every year or as soon as practicable thereafter.

All Society Members shall be entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Management Committee shall present to each Annual General Meeting to make reports including accounts (if any) of the Society.

After presentaton of the Annual Reports, the elected Management Committee will then stand down.

Members for the Management Committee shall be nominated and elected for the year by the Members present. In the case of equality of votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have the second or casting vote.

It will be the role of the Management Committee to appoint a Chair, Secretary and any other agreed post, at the first meeting of the newly formed group.

Extraordinary General Meetings

The Management Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting by giving the to Members, at least 21 days notice. The Management Committee must call an Extraordinary General Meeting within 28 days of receiving a writen request to do so by at least 5 members.

The Chairperson of the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be the Chairperson for the time being of the Management Committee but if they are not present, before any other business is transacted, the Members present shall appoint a Chairperson for the meeting.

Every matter shall be determined by majority of votes of the Members present. In case of equality of votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have the second or casting vote.

The Constitution may be amended by an agreement of the majority of voting Members of the Management Committee.


Any Society Member may be asked to leave the Society by the Management Committee provided that it is in he best interests of the Society and is confirmed by a majority vote., given the Management Committee reasons in writing.

The expulsion will take effect immediately from the receipt of the Management Committee's reasons unless the expelled Member requests in writing the right to be heard before an Extraordinary General Meeting, during that four weeks the expelled Member's Membership entitlements will be suspended, and they will not be permitted to use the benefits of Membership.

 If an expelled Member contests their expulsion from the Society in writing, a General Meeting shall be called no more than 28 days from the receipt of his/her request for such a meeting.  Should the expulsion be overturned on Appeal, the Member may resume the rights of Memebrship immediately.

A member so expelled may be re-admitted to the Society by  decision made at the Annual General Meeting.

Each Member of the Society will agree to uphold the ethics of the constitution and abide by the Society's Code of Conduct. Failng to abide by the Society's rules or bring the Society into disrepute may result in disciplinary action.

Disbanding the Society

In the event of a proposal that the Society be disbanded a Extraordinary General Meeting of all Society Members must first be called and the reasons given.

Any funds held by the Society still in its possession will be passed upon disbandment of the Society to a charity working with local community causes.

Society Assets and Funds

The Society will operate as a not-for-profit community group. All income for the Society, Whether it be revenue, captal grant, fundraising actiity or by any other means shall be re-invested and used for the benefit of the Society soley.

Members and Officers incurring out of pocket expenses while engaging in activities for the benefit of theSociety shall be entitled to recover from Society Funds personal costs.

The Society shall hold its Funds in a Bank or Building Society approved by the Management Committee at a meeting. Any Benefits or incentives offered by a Bank or Building Society shall be declared and used to the benefit of the Society. A petty cash Fund may also be held as long as it is in a securable container in a secure location. The Maximum aount to be held in petty cash is £50.00. The Management Committee is to decide a suitable location for the petty cash container, the person securing it is responsible for keeping accuate records of transactions.

Provision will be made with the Socety's account provider so that a minimum of two officers of the Society are required to sign cheques on behalf of the Society, The signitories of the account will be the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Hear Water Watcher. Should all of the officers of the Society become permanently unable to sign and perform the duties as Officers, the remaining Management Committee Members shall become 'Temporary Officers'. Upon presentation of supprting indentificaton papers and meeting minutes, the account provider can make those persons signitories. An Extraordinary General Meeting will then be called and new 'Officers' appointed or the Society disbanded, see above.

A Report of the Financial Accounts wll be made by the Treasurer or appopinted representative at each Commttee Meeting. Shoud another Officer of the Society request to view the ongoing acconts, they should be made available within 48 hours or as soon as reasonably possible.

Child Protection and Child Member Policy

The Society shall appoint a Welfare and Child Protection Officer. Their role will be to promote best practice relating to child protection, to act as a confidential contact point for junior members, within the current guidelines and as a reference point for Members and the Management Committee. The WCPO shall have received appropriate child protection training.

All the Management Committee and Water Watchers shall complete Criminal Records Bureau checks. It should be made clear that only certain types of criminal offences would prevent a person from holding a place of responsibility on the Committee.

The Society does not adopt loco prentis for Members aged under 17 at any time. All Members aged under 17 taking part in activities do so under the control of and with assumed permission of parents or guardians. As a Society policy, Members and public aged under 12 should not use the lakes without supervision of an adult. Those aged 12-17 shoudl be supervised by an adult when night fishing (dusk til dawn).

Powers of Appointed Persons

The Water Watchers retain the power to demand presentaion of a current Angling Rod Licence from Members or the general public using the lakes for course angling. All Members of the Society require such a Licence, except those who do not partiipate in course angling.

The Water Watchers/appointed persons also have the right to demand that a person acting in an unacceptable manner does not use the lakes. Any person, public or Member who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to a degree where they are at risk to themselves or others will also be refused the use of the lakes. Guidelines for actions in such circumstances should be made available.