PLEASE NOTE: Our membership runs annually between 1st May until 30th April. Enabling you to purchase your new EA licence one month before membership starts.


You'll be charged for the full membership cost regardless of how long is left in the season


Membership forms can be downloaded here Word mem ap p 201 6 2017.docx


To become a member the fees are as follows:


Adult £30


Over 60's / Registered Disabled £15


Children up to their 17th Birthday £5




For non members the Ticket fees are as follows:


Adults & Children 17 yrs and over £2 per rod


Children under 17yrs old £1 per rod (children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times)


Night fishing on the Back lake is £10 per person + £2 per rod payable in cash to the bailiff who will come to see you.


Please remember that you can only have 2 rods per licence held, if you have more than 2 rods then you must have a 2nd licence. Please refer to rule 17 



Licences can be purchased from the post office or online at www.postoffice.co.uk/rod-fishing-licence licences cost £27 for adults over 16, £18 for senior citizens (over 60yrs old) and disability consession and £5 for children between 12-16 years of age. It is the law for you to have a rod licence if you are to fish (even in your own back garden!) If you are caught fishing without a licence you could face a fine of up to £2,500.


Word mem app 2016 2017.docx (418 438) Click on this link to download a membership form.


Please read information above regarding membership dates at the top of this page


Please print out this form,  

Clearly fill out fully and enclose a stamped addressed envelope with 2 passport sized photos a photocopy of your EA licence and your payment. 

Cheques made payable to Kcaps

and Send to



Teresa Dale

30 Burnham Close



ME10 2BY