The Front lake is beside Newman Drive, Sittingbourne, ME10 2RF see the first map at the bottom of this page or google maps

Varing between 3 - 6ft in depth.

There are 20 Pegs including a Disabled access Peg. 


Our front Lake has a stock of Pike up to 25lbs, Carp up to and over 25lbs, Ghost Carp up to 21lbs, Tench up to 8lbs, Bream up to 7lbs, Perch up to 5lbs, Roach up to 2lbs and Rudd up to 2lbs.

Our anglers recommend pellets, sweetcorn, maggot and lobworm as bait to catch most breeds of fish. Why not try something new and let us know if your bait works!  


The Back Lake is in the church marshes, behind Walsby Drive, Sittingbourne, ME10 2TT  see the second map at the bottom of this page or google maps.

Varing from 8ft - 18ft in depth, with a 25ft hole in the middle.

There are 12 pegs, including a disabled access peg. 5 of our pegs were renewed on 15th May 2011.

Our Back lake has a stock of Carp up to and over 35lbs, Pike up to 30lbs, Tench up to 10lbs, Bream up to 11lbs, Chub up to 5lbs, Perch upto and over 4lbs and Roach up to and over 3lbs

Our anglers recommend fishing with a ledger or method feeder on this lake due to the depth.

Photo Gallery: Front Lake Location

Back lake location

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