2020 - 2021 rules to be updated:

1,    All who fish our waters must carry their E.A.

       Rod fishing Licence, along with their

       club membership card or purchase a day ticket

       from a 2016 Certificated Water Watcher

       (Please ask for their I.D. Card)


2,    Barbed hooks are not to be used at any time.

       Barbless only


3,    No fixed leads or Bolt rigs


4,    No keep nets to be used unless for club matches.


5,    Essential equipment for the type of fishing is to

       be carried at all times. 

       Unhooking mats, use of the appropriate size of

       landing net, a Disgorger for removing hooks, 

       if Pike fishing then you would also need a set of



6,    All fish caught are to be returned safely.

       If you are caught removing fish you will

       be prosecuted


7,    No live baiting is permitted at any time.


8,    No Fishing in the reeds at any time


9,    No lure fishing or dead baiting for pike or

       perch during 31st March til 30th September,

       when fishing for pike you must use a wire trace,


10,  No-one under the age of 18 can fish for pike

       unless supervised by an appropriate adult or

       hold the EA pike fishing certificate.

       All children under 18 must be supervised at

       all times by an appropriate adult when fishing 

       the back lake. 


11,  Ground bait to be restricted to a maximum of

       3lb or 1.5 kg per swim per day 


12,  No nuts of any kind to be used on any of the



13,  No night fishing on the front lake (Newman Drive).    


14,  No fires to be lit on any of the lakes, cooking

       stoves, lanterns and torches only.     


15,  All those Fishing these lakes are asked to

       leave all swims tidy, remove all litter and place

       it in the bins provided or take it home and bin it. 


16,  The consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal

       substances or non-prescribed drugs will result

       in an immediate ban and the authorities will

       be notified.  


17,  No more than 3 rods to be used on the back lake,

       2 rods per licence No more than 2 Rods on the

       Front Lake.


18,  Disabled anglers take priority on any of the

       disabled swims. 


19,  Any person taking, killing or causing malicious

       damage to the fish, fishery or surrounding 

       property or swimming in any of the lakes

       could be prosecuted and banned from the

       club and fishing the lakes. 


20,  Any sick or injured fish should be reported

       to a water watcher a.s.a.p. 


21,  No rods are to be left unattended (no more

       than 3 metres away) at any time  


22,  All anglers are to be courteous to residents

       living near or around the front or back lakes

       and to respect their parking,


23,   All anglers are to report any persons breaking

        the club fishery rules to a Water Watcher a.s.a.p.





If you do not understand any of these rules please ask a Water Watcher